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Women’s Workshirts


    Work Tops for Women Who Get Things Done 

    Forget the baggy, borrowed-from-the-boys look. Here at H&S Heritage, we celebrate the strength and style of rural women with our women's work shirts. These aren't just any shirts – they're designed in New Zealand, crafted from nature's finest fibres and built to last. Browse our range today. ...

    Quality You Can Count On: Our Work Tops for Women

    H&S Heritage work tops for women are designed for you. We design our clothes to be passed down, carrying the stories of laughter, hard labour and the beauty of rural life. Every stitch in our work tops for women is a testament to meticulous detail and quality materials. 

    Women deserve clothes that look good and feel good for you and the planet. That's why our ladies' country shirts are ethically made from natural and breathable fibres like cotton and linen that are gentle on your skin. They'll keep you cool and comfy, no matter how hot the day gets. 

    Women's Work Shirts for Modern Country Living 

    At H&S, we understand the demands of rural life. You need clothes that can handle anything – from mucking out the stables to wrangling sheep, all while looking and feeling fantastic. The flattering cuts and feminine silhouettes ensure you move freely and comfortably without sacrificing style. 

    We know trends come and go, but classic style endures. Our women's work tops in NZ can be worn for years. We don't chase fleeting fads – we focus on creating pieces as timeless as the beauty of the countryside. 

    Imagine checking on the calves at sunrise, the crisp air invigorating as you go about your day. Our country apparel will be there with you, becoming trusted companions as dependable as your favourite boots. 

    A Range of Colours and Styles to Suit You 

    Our work shirts for women are available in various colours and styles to suit your taste and needs. We offer classic chambray, earthy tones that reflect the land's beauty, and pops of bright pink and emerald green for a touch of personality. Choose from button-up styles for a polished look or relaxed fits for all-day comfort. Whatever your style, it is an investment in quality, comfort and confidence. 

    Browse our collection of women's work shirts, designed with quality materials and a range of sizes (8-22) for the perfect fit. From sunrise to sunset, you'll feel comfortable and ready to conquer anything. 

    Join the H&S Heritage whānau (family) and experience the difference of clothing designed for strong, independent women who make rural life what it is. Shop now.

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