Rural Meets Style

Farm Ready. Town Ready. Caviar Ready.

Our heritage clothing range has you covered to glide through the day with relaxed sophistication. Versatile and comfortable, our pieces take you from milking at dawn, to rugby at noon, to sunset dining with a G&T in hand. 

Meet Penny

Dreamt up by a rural mum in the heart of Mackenzie Country NZ, H&S Heritage all started when Penny couldn’t find something she’d had while roaming the farm as a child: high-quality, durable clothing that looked good.

With detailed workmanship and natural fibres, our ethically-made garments stand the test of time, and the test of passing trends.

They're iconic for a reason.

Our most-loved, best-selling women's shirts. Each style is accented with an H&S unique design feature.

Country Clothing Crafted with Tradition

Experience tradition with style at H&S Heritage, which has the best country attire in NZ for enjoying the fresh air, exploring wide open spaces, and building a deep connection with the land. ...

Our versatile country attire in NZ is designed to seamlessly transition from the farmyard to a night out. Browse now. 

Be Farm & Town Ready with Ethically Made Country Clothing in NZ 

Our story begins right here, in the rolling hills and golden pastures of rural New Zealand. We understand the unique lifestyle of country living – the resilience, the resourcefulness, and the deep appreciation for quality that goes the distance. 

That's why we don't follow fleeting trends. Our passion lies in creating heritage pieces – thoughtfully designed classics that stand the test of time, just like the values we hold dear. 

Clothes shouldn't cost the Earth (literally!). That's why at H&S Heritage, we use natural fabrics that are soft on your skin and gentle on the environment. You can feel great in your clothes, knowing you're making a positive impact with every piece of country attire in NZ from our online clothing stores. By choosing us, you're not just dressing well but responsibly. 

From Farm Clothing to Town and Everywhere In-Between

Imagine ruggedly handsome work shirts in flattering feminine cuts and colours – a departure from the typical bloke-ish styles. Picture comfortable yet stylish dresses that move and breathe with you, perfect for a day at the market or an evening soiree. 

We cater to every member of your crew with our farm clothing in NZ. Children will love our hard-wearing clothes, built to last through endless games of tag and explorations in the great outdoors. For men, we stock stylish yet multipurpose work-ready shirts that comfortably get them through a day of work. Shop now. 

More Than NZ Clothing Online: It's a Way of Life

At H&S, we celebrate the essence of rural life with our country clothing. It's about being part of a community, connecting to the land, and having a deep respect for tradition. Our clothes are more than just fabric and thread; they embody these values. 

When you browse our collections, you will discover:

  • Comfortable, durable workwear designed for the whole family who appreciates quality and style.
  • Timeless country-style clothes that flatters any figure.
  • Hard-wearing, adorable children's wear built for adventure.
  • A range of accessories to complete your country look. 

Country Clothing Online in NZ: Built to Last 

We invite you to join the H&S Heritage whānau (family) – a community that embraces rural life's beauty and challenges. With our country clothing online in NZ, you can look and feel your absolute best, no matter what your day throws your way.

Handcrafted with meticulous detail and natural fibres, our ethically made garments aren't just clothes – they're stories waiting to be written. Browse our online clothing stores for farm clothing built to last.

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